Harlaxton, Here I Come!


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I brought it up to my parents last year. The only thing on my Christmas and Birthday list for 2017.

In November and December I started making calls to the schools.

I hit “Confirm” in January.

I even Skyped in to a pre-departure meeting for students two weeks ago.

But nothing about this trip to the U.K. was really, really real until that flight confirmation wound through the printer five days ago. I think there’s even a part of me that, even now, won’t quite accept my new reality until I’m kissing English soil.

Not that it’s stopped me from going into full planning mode. I’m staying four extra days than the rest of the students from my study-abroad class, so I have to arrange rooms for the night and activities for the day. Let me tell you, planning from over 5,000 miles away is no picnic, but it sure does make the reality settle in more and more each day.

During the course of the class, we’ll be visiting such storied sites as the Lincoln Cathedral, Whitby Abbey (Dracula anyone?), Wordsworth’s Grasmere in the heart of the Lake District, and finally the Globe Theatre in London for a performance of Twelfth Night.

Yes – when I first read this itinerary, I gave slight pause to conspiracy theorist in me who thought I must have been hacked somehow. This trip could not have been more tailor-made for me if I had designed it myself!

For my own rambles though, I’ll be heading to Glastonbury, the city of Bath, and finally to the hamlets of Wiltshire, where, hopefully, I’ll be able to get some riding in.

Stay tuned here for updates, but in the meantime, any tips or hints for this first time international traveller?

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