Touch Down!

Well, I made it! Home to the mother country.

Generations after my ancestors left the shores of this country in ships shaped from hand-cut timber to face weeks of perilous overseas travel, I made the reverse trip in less than twenty-four hours of highspeed airflight. In house movies complimentary.

Not that the journey was without its perils and discomforts. Just hours before I pulled into Heathrow, London experienced its third terror attack in less than six months.

As for me, I’m now running on at least thirty hours without any kind of deep sleep and only one decent meal. Not to mention, our professor, myself, and another student got lost in Heathrow Airport, and I already had to switch room-mates on arrival at the campus.

But….I’m still happy to be here. Just being in this country is a dream come true for me, the literal culmination of almost twenty-five years of hope and effort. And we haven’t even got to the good stuff yet!

Below are some preview snapshots from my phone camera. Tomorrow, I promise to update with some really good views from my digital camera. Harlaxton Manor is definitely the most gorgeous place on earth to study. I can’t wait to share the journey.

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