Author Bio

My name is Kristina Heflin. I’m a college student from California, pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in English from Arizona State University. Thanks to the school’s online program, I get to live in my beautiful North State and tutor English and Writing at Yuba College where I also serve on the editorial staff of the school’s literary journal, Flumes. We’re now accepting submissions! Interested in finding out more? Click here.

In my spare time, I like to ride my horses through the lovely orchards and rice fields that abound in the Sacramento Valley. I also spend in an inordinate amount of time (that could probably be better spent writing) consuming British movies and television shows or anything Marvel related.



“The Lonely Altar” , short story

Flumes, Vol 2.1   , editorial staff

In Progress:

Sigyn’s Saga: Burdened with Love, novel (first in a series)

Various Poems and Short Stories

Kristina Heflin at the Tennyson Research Centre in Lincoln, UK

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