Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

I’ve been thinking about mistletoe a lot lately. I know, strange way to come back after a long absence, but hear me out. With the Christmas season just over, mistletoe was a hot topic of song and conversation. For most people, it’s a fun, harmless little plant under which to plant a smooch on their… Continue reading Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

The Writing Process

A Little Perspective

Sometimes writers get stuck. Sometimes we don’t think we’re stuck, but what we’ve done is accidentally patched a hole in our road, when actually we needed new paving altogether. And sometimes, we just get bored with the direction we’re going and are looking for something new to play with. In all of these cases, what… Continue reading A Little Perspective

The Writing Process


Hello everyone! Yes, I did make it back from England, safe and sound. And I will soon update you on my final days in that glorious country. For now though, I wanted to let you know that my silence has not been in vain and that I have not been idle these past weeks –… Continue reading Celebration!